Ear Micro Suction

Microsuction uses a small medical suction device to gently hoover the ear wax out. It is far safer than syringing as no water is being forced into the ear. Also, the procedure is done under high magnification so the clinician can see the minute detail of your ear.

  • Assessment Only: Assessment only slots are available. This assessment includes otoscopic and camera examination and advice. If a further appointment is necessary for treatment a £10.00 deduction is applicable to that appointment.
  • Microsuction to One Ear.
  • Microsuction to Both Ears.
  • Home Visits – Liz can also offer home visits to individuals as well as multiple patients within nursing and residential homes.
    There is an additional call-out fee for this service which is a one-off charge (no matter how many patients are treated on the day).
  • Liz can also offer microsuction clinics within GP practices, call to discuss.

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